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Why Live in Miami

Posted by Find Miami Homes on August 4, 2017
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People associate Miami with sunny beaches, pool parties and night clubs. While all of that is entirely true, there are some other interesting components that define the lifestyle in this city. Miami is one of the liveliest cities in the US, and it’s on the rise in terms of its worldwide recognition as a major international business center. There is something for everyone here. Miami Beach is where the party is at, while suburbs like Doral and Keu Biscayne have become quite popular for young couples raising children.

Quick Wiki Facts

Miami is a seaport city located at the SE corner of USA, in the sate of Florida. First settled in 1825, nowadays
Miami has turned into a global leader in finance, commerce, entertainment, arts, and culture. It received Forbe’s “America’s Cleanest City” award in 2008 for its good air quality, loads of green spaces, clean drinking water, and clean streets. Miami is also among the richest cities in America, if not the richest one. The city also boasts the third tallest skyline in USA, having 300+ high-rises. Downtown Miami features the highest concentration of international banks in the country. The Port of Miami is the number one cruise passanger port in the world, so it can serve you as a starting point for a lot of your adventures.

Lower Taxes

Florida is just one of seven US stats that does not have a state income tax ( The funds are raised mainly through a 6% sales tax and property taxes. To put this into perspective, if we compare Florida and California, the average web developer in San Francisco making $120k per year would pay about $10k more in taxes.

More Affordable Housing Options Compared to New York and San Francisco

A comparison is only fair if we compare similar things – e.g. apples with apples, oranges with oranges. With that being said, both New York and San Francisco cannot provide that much bang for your buck. In Miami, you could live right across American Airlines Arena (where the Heat play) and enjoy a breathtaking floor-to-ceiling view of the ocean and coast, and you get all that for just around $1800. Just imagine the feeling of waking up with a stunning view of Miami on one side, and the ocean bay on the other. A similarly placed condo would cost double in San Fran and NYC. Overall, the prices in Miami are actually pretty reasonable given its popular resort area

Good Food is Everywhere

The cultural diversity of Miami is what makes it such a great place for people appreciating good food. If you are into Latin American- and Caribbean-influenced cooking, you will definitely love this place. You can find everything ranging from authentic Cuban sandwiches to stone crabs and ceviche.

Wide Range of Activities

Given Miami’s geographic location, it’s no surprise to hear that it brings a wide range of possible activities to people. If you are a sports fan, you could support the Miami Heat, a team that has been among the best in the NBA ever since Pat Riley took over back in 1995. Of course, the city is represented in two of the other three major sports in America – MLB (the Miami Marlins) and NFL.

The Weather

Last but not least – the Miami weather. If you like the summer and could envision yourself wearing flip-flops in January, living in an endless tropical climate, then this is the place to be. The wet season starts from May till October, and it’s marked by high humidity, but the seas breeze brings the needed relief in the afternoon.

Not having a winter season can save you some money too, as you won’t be needing all that winter gear like second set of tires for your car or a whole other wardrobe full of thick sweaters, Timberlands, and Colombia jackets.

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